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calliope526 ([personal profile] calliope526) wrote2009-11-29 05:44 pm
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Okay, so I am really, really bad at keeping up with these blog-type things. Every couple of months I start a new one, I update it for a few weeks, and then I basically say, "Ah, screw it." and never think about it again.

But this time I'm turning over a new leaf! Or at least, I think I am. One of my friends gave me a a code-thingy for this site, and I decided to give it a go. If I fail, then I apologize, in advance.

Instead of keeping a day-to-day journal-ish blog, I'm going to use this to post the oodles of stories and half-finished fiction pieces that are clogging up my hard-drive. If people decide to read them, that's awesome. If not, I'm cool with that, too.

So this is basically just me, saying hello. I plan to update on Saturdays, if y'all wanna check back then, or you can friend me (is that the right word? I'm new around here) or whatever. I'll be posting the first story on Saturday, so I hope everyone enjoys!