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So, I picked a bad week to start my, "post a story a week" experiment, because this week and next happen to be finals. So, you know, that kind of sucks.

And I'm really sorry, if anyone happens to be reading this, if this story is a little weird and not what you were expecting.  Again, I'm using the finals as an excuse.

Basically, this is a little drabble that I wrote a couple of months ago for a friend of mine who turned to me one day and said, apropos of nothing, "You know what would be weird?  If we woke up one day and the sun was a different color."  That's where the title comes from, too.

So hopefully you'll enjoy.  I promise next week I'll write something decent.


You Know What Would Be Weird?  If The Sun Was A Different Color
Word Count: 100
We awoke on the morning of March 29 to find that our sun was blue.

          Astronomers went on television and offered explanations.  Religious leaders claimed it was a sign of the Apocalypse.  Men in tin-hats said that the Leader of Xol had come to take us as slaves.

On the morning of March 30, the yellow sun had returned and we chalked the whole thing up to a freak occurrence or maybe something to do with global warming.  Of course, most people knew it wasn’t, and yet that didn’t stop us from being surprised when the aliens landed in April.


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